Our Staff


JKSK A Ms. Meers and Ms. Aylesworth

JKSK B Ms. Mazurkiewicz and Ms. Mabie

Grade 1 Mr. Bambrick

Grade 1-2 Ms. Seymour

Grade 2-3 Mr. Gurnsey

Grade 3-4 Ms. Davis

Grade 4-5 Mr. Niedbala

Grade 6-7 Ms. Rodgerson

Grade 7-8 Ms. Pinho


French Mme. Morgan, Mme. Elliott

Planning Time Ms. Fortis, TBD

Student Support Teacher (SST) Ms. Dingwall

Elementary Office Administrator Ms. Cox

Head Custodian Mr. Dwyer

Evening Custodian Mr. Groulx

EA positions Ms. Bambrick, Ms. Sheridan, Ms. Dowdell, Ms. Givens, Ms. Heyman, Mr. Freitas, Ms. McEachern, Mr. Cornwall, Ms. Givens, Ms. Predergast, Ms. Fitzgerald, Ms. Wemp and Ms. Ivall.

Vice-Principal & SST Mr. Boyce

Principal Ms. Steele